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I graduated college a year earlier than expected and have been extremely bored ever since, now that I don't have classes to go to and papers to write I have to get a job *le gasp*! I miss my buds who are scattered to the winds in various countries and still attending their various schools.

I collect turtle figurines and for some reason my brother thinks I'm obsessed with wolves (I swear, you get ONE calendar and suddenly everybody starts howling at you, ridiculous. The damn thing was a gift!)

Green is my favorite color, followed closely by purple and red. Blue comes next and the rest I'm mostly impartial to. Except for pink, I dislike pink intensely (for myself only, I like it fine on other people and stuff, but it's not for me).

I've started a collection of fairytale/folklore/myth anthologies. People sure come up with some wacky stuff. My favorites are ancient Greek myths and legends, also the gods are awesome (Athena and Artemis rock my socks).

I was an English major, so you probably won't catch me using typical text language (and if you do, feel free to bop me over the head with a virtual fish). By the way, that was the dumbest thing for me to major in. I don't even like the English language most of the time, I hate writing papers, I dislike editing...the only reason I majored in English is because I love to read. Some people would call me a bibliophile...I'd call myself a bookworm (though if you mess with my books I will likely plot a detailed and violent revenge upon your stuff, for I will vandalize but I will not assault...unless someone really needs an ass whooping).

I have named all of the cars I've had. There have been seven in the five years I've been driving, through no fault of my own I assure you (I've only ever had beat up used cars that all crapped out on me and died, most recent death was of Greyberry who died in the middle of the freeway while I was in the fast lane on my way to the dentist's office...TERRIFYING). Their names were Marshmallow, Muffin, Blueberry, Greyberry, Thor, Napoleon, and Sorbet. Sorbet is my current vehicle. Thor and Napoleon were both trucks. The rest were regular cars. I still miss Marshmallow terribly, even though she was by far the least reliable of the lot but she's the one I learned to drive in and had for almost a WHOLE YEAR before dying, she was sold *sobbles*. I have never been the driver in a car accident, yet I've nevertheless managed to be in three separate accidents.

I'm a huge supporter of femmslash communities, which obviously translates into 'I love the gays' (ha, Kathy Griffin is my hero). I read, write, and watch femmslash in a multitude of fandoms (even sometimes those with a following of one: me). This has led me to create this LJ account...I must comment on bleighton_squee!

...I think that's all I've got for right now. Of course I will answer questions if you're bold enough to ask them.